La Filanda is a beautiful and unique spot to stay in Brienno, a small and ancient village with Celtic origin on the western shore of one of the most beautiful and famous places in the world: Lake Como.

Lario Lake had been the favourite destination of European and Italian nobility, that since 1500 has embellished its shores with lush landscaping and parks. The presence of large luxury hotels has attracted great personalities on the lake. Its beauty has always enchanted many characters of culture, art and music. Also, thanks to the presence of great actors in Hollywood (La Filanda is less than two kilometers far from George Clooney's property), Lake Como has constantly a prominent position in media and magazines all over the world.

But actually La Filanda has a unique history and special charm comparing to other beautiful properties on Lake. It is an ancient silk factory, transformed in the 1960s into a villa with an inimitable and exclusive taste by a well known family, a dynasty owning one of the most important silk companies in the world.

The oldest parts of the property date back to the late '600 and are showed on maps since 1720. The current structure was built between 1847 and 1860.

La Filanda had been producing silk threads from 1860 to 1932.

The huge, open space room at the first floor, deliberately kept intact in the renovation, was the place where women used to astract the precious thread from silkworms. On the ground floor, where the rooms of the villa are now facing the porch and the garden overlooking the lake, there was the boiler of the factory, connected to the high towering chimney (still working), and some more spaces needed for the activity of the factory .

The direct access to the private jetty is the same from which the goods were loaded in the past on large, sailing boats called Comballi, and from there were led to Como's port.

A large and modern elevator at the level of the main street and of the garages connects the villa with one more large building that integrates the property. It was the site where families of filandiers used to live. This beautiful and ancient building, with its balconies facing the picturesque small pier of the village, has been recently refurbished and divided into eleven indipendent apartments with all modern facilities.

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Via Regina 60 22010 Brienno Italia


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